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When you submit your enquiry to The Mortgage Broker, you do so safe in the knowledge that whoever responds to your enquiry does so in a way to ensure your experience is consistent and professional by the processes that are followed by every member within the team.

We pride ourselves on not being salesman.  We are here to offer clear, concise mortgage and protection advice, and the only way we are able to do this is by listening to your needs and discussing your future plans.

Whatever your particular requirements, whether it be a new mortgage, your first mortgage, investment in property for income or growth, protection against accident, sickness or unemployment, or protecting you and your family from the consequences of suffering a critical or terminal illness we will ensure that we find the best solution for you - every time.

Ask yourself this, do you have the time and ability to search through over 12,500 mortgages from over 50 different lenders? We have and we just love helping our clients get the best deal that is possible for them.

Here at The Mortgage Broker we don’t focus on the lenders published interest rates as many of these have high associated costs with them such as their lenders and valuation fees, instead we focus on the true cost. Meaning, ‘What will actually be coming out of your bank account during initial introductory term’.

Don’t worry if you don’t know a reliable solicitor as we have access to a whole database of competitively priced top performing firms and are happy to provide you with a fully itemised quotation, and at this time we are also able to tell you their current performance rating. This rating is scored by the feedback that we, the advisers and you, the client submit once your case has been completed.

If you’re looking for quality mortgage advice backed by award winning customer service you’ve come to the right place. Because we know that the work is not over when the application has been submitted. In fact we know it is this stage that you will find us invaluable as we will do all the chasing with the solicitor and lender to ensure that everything is running smoothly and no unnecessary delays are encountered, and will report back to you and the estate agent regularly even if there is nothing to update.

Why Use Us for Your Mortgage?