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About Jack Scarff, Mortgage Adviser at The Mortgage Broker Benfleet.

My plan at school was to become the next high-flying secret agent. However, the King John school’s career advisers lacked imagination and didn’t provide me with the opportunity I’d asked for, thus depriving the world of the next James Bond! Having my dream dashed so early on I decided that the next best option, although slightly less glamourous, would be to get into an industry in which I could help people and develop myself, so I ventured to sunny Canvey Island to work in an estate agents.

Having lived near Benfleet Station, Cemetery Corner and Tarpots growing up and working for Bromleys, Lloyds and RBS in Southend, it was moving into the mortgage world for a firm in Basildon that meant I could gain the knowledge and qualifications needed to help customers on a national level.

I became fully CeMAP qualified and managed mortgage advisers before taking the plunge to advise myself both face to face and via the telephone.

I pride myself on being a person who immerses themselves in my client’s financial wellbeing, assisting in creating and fulfilling their long term financial goals. Whether it be moving up the property ladder or helping them create their very own property portfolio, my mission is to ensure that ALL my clients achieve financial harmony. This can only be done by ensuring that all clients understand the importance of protecting themselves as well as their families financially, whether that be through insurance or estate planning.

Not satisfied with achievements just at work, I raised £3000 for St Lukes Hospice in Basildon in 2015, Walking the great wall of China and founded Westwood Rangers Football Club who ply their trade in Southend on a Sunday. Their home ground is at John Burroughs Hadleigh, feel free to lend your support! On top of this my long term partner and I have four children.

Perhaps my initial dreams aren’t so far removed from my final career choice. I may not be much of a secret agent but I am trying to rid the world of bad mortgage advice & the evils of exposing yourself to financial risk. Not quite as sexy as claiming to be a secret agent but, step forward Scarff, Jack Scarff  licenced to advise on mortgages & protection.

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