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At The Mortgage Broker we cater for all types of enquiry. The most frequent enquiry we receive is the residential enquiry for a new house purchase or re-mortgage. Although normally a simple and straightforward process, every purchaser or homeowner in the UK could benefit from the no obligation advice of a professional adviser.

Residential Purchase

Moving house – Maybe you require finance from a new lender as you are moving up the housing ladder and need new and appropriate funding as your existing lender are reluctant to provide the loan you require. It could even be that you are moving house and you want to your current mortgage (known as porting) from one house to another with additional funds to complete on the new deal.

Residential Remortgage

Your current deal may be ending with your existing lender and your monthly payment may be increasing if your SVR (standard variable rate) is higher than your current rate. Your existing lender may have even offered you an alternative rate to keep your business with them.

If your payments are going to increase and even if the deal your lender is offering you seems attractive – why not get a free, no obligation quote from us to ensure that you are getting the most suitable deal? There could be an enormous potential saving to be made compared to your existing deal and with the process requiring only minutes of your time you really should investigate. A £15 – £120 saving per month may not seem worthwhile bothering about but add this up over a 2 or 3 yr period and you will see why our clients come back to us time and time again.

We provide first class services for both residential purchases and remortgages. With most UK lenders competing for your business you can be sure that we will source the right deal for you from of 1000′s of schemes being offered from lenders, banks and building societies. All our professional advisers are equipped with the latest technology allowing instant access to the latest deals and offers from a huge variety of providers.

Our quotes and illustrations are completely free so you have nothing to lose in contacting us to find out what we have to offer.

Why Use Us for Your Mortgage?